Bulge pouch styles are always in at the beach. Big bulge or little one you are going to get noticed.

Let's face it if you put just about any man or woman in a thong and show them off on the beach they are going to be a celebrity. Celebrities thong swimsuits are that hot.

Lets talk about celebrities thong designs, bikini designs, micro short designs and even men's tights. There is nothing hotter on the scene right now than male to female transformation swimwear for men. These wonderful creations let any man feel their feminine side by repackaging the penis to look like a beautiful vagina.

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There are many different styles of pouches on swimwear designs for men. You are not going to get noticed wearing plain old surf shorts but you just might get famous by wearing penis shaped style swimwear pouches. They come in all shapes and sizes. The one above is a micro pouch that any man can fill no matter how small he is. This is designed to highlight your small size and will make larger penis sizes appear smaller. There are sizes all the way up to large that show off the penis fully erect and have built in cock rings to keep it there. How is that for a celebrities thong!

Male to female transformation swimwear by Koala

Experience Celebrities Thong for Yourself

Have you ever wondered what kind of celebrities thong you would purchase if you had the chance to? Well, most men probably wouldn’t even be thinking about buying a thong in the first place let alone one that a celebrity would be wearing. However, if you have, then you might want to check out Koalaswim.com and see what they have to offer. There are plenty of designs available and, even if a celebrity wasn’t exactly wearing one of them right now, you could at least tell all your friends that they are wearing the same one you have.

There are few people in the world that would even think about celebrities thong in any general terms. Most people just consider a thong to be the same thing you would see on a Victoria’s Secret commercial or a television show having to do with beaches in Brazil. They don’t understand that there is much more to a thong than just what women on a beach would wear. There are, in fact, plenty of men that absolutely adore wearing items like this and look forward to finding new designs as often as possible.

Whether you are willing to pay the same prices for your celebrities underwear as all those celebrities would end up paying is a completely different thing, though. Most celebrities shop in those stores where you can't even get in the door unless you are willing to spend thousands of dollars. That just isn't something that most ordinary men can afford to do or are willing to do for that matter. The good news is that you won't have to pay those kinds of prices if you are purchasing your thongs from Koalaswim.com. Saving money is always a good thing and that is something you need to remember when shopping for thongs.

Another thing that you should really keep in mind when picking out your own swimwear thongs is that you have to have a decent body in order to get the full benefit of wearing them. If you are out of shape and spend more time eating junk food than you do walking, then you will probably want to do everyone a favor and not wear these thongs out in public. You can wear them under your clothing if you still want to wear them, but don’t show anyone what you have on under your pants.

Having a good looking body is going to take some work on your part, but you can't wear your celebrities bikinis out to the beach if you don’t have the body to show off. No one wants to see your flabby butt hanging out of a thong. Just the thought of seeing something like that should drive you to the tread mill to walk off that meatloaf you just sucked down. You can wear them around the house all you want, though. Just make sure your partner is willing to look at you in them before you do.

Celebrities panties options on Koalaswim.com are as unique as the individuals that are wearing them. No two people in the world are alike and, while some of the designs are founded on basic thong concepts, they are all different in certain respects. You have to determine what kind of thong you are going to be willing to wear and accept the fact that some people might think it's a bit strange that a guy is wearing one. Not everyone understands the concept behind a man wearing a thong, and some people might actually be rude about it when they see you on the beach.

Of course, if you are planning to wear your thong out to the beach, you need to contact the authorities there to make sure that it is allowed. There are a lot of beaches that have regulations regarding thongs for both men and women, and you don’t want to walk out on a beach that doesn’t allow them. Doing something like that, no matter how sexy you look in your new thong, could end up getting you into a huge amount of trouble. Keep that in mind before you go out in public wearing a thong, just to be on the safe side.

There are some clothing optional beaches around that will allow you to wear your micro thong from Koala men's swimwear without incident, but those beaches are hard to find for some people. In fact, some men don’t even live near a beach and they love wearing their thongs whenever they get the chance. It's usually around their homes, but they still get the excitement of wearing them whenever they want. Most public pools won't allow men or women to wear thongs, and that is usually for a good reason since children don’t need to see things like that.

If you live in a small town or an area where you don’t have any kind of beach or public place to show off your short shorts, then you are going to have to figure out another way of doing it. This is where private pool parties can come in handy for you. You will have to understand that it requires more than just you sitting out by your pool in order to qualify it as a private pool party. The fact that the word “party” is involved usually means that more than two people are supposed to be in the same place.

If you are going to throw a micro swimwear private pool party, then you should make sure that the other people that are going to be invited know about it. If you tell them to show up for a pool party, then they are more than likely going to wear whatever swimwear they have purchased from Wal-Mart or some other retail chain store, and that defeats the purpose, altogether. If you tell them that you expect them to wear something like thongs, then they will get the idea and dress up a bit for you.

Now, not everyone is going to want to wear thong to a private pool party regardless of how much fun you tell them they are going to have. Because of this, you need to make sure the people that you are inviting are willing to go the extra mile in order to have some fun. This usually requires you to do some research as to what the people around you would be willing to wear to a party like this. Many times this is easier said than done for a lot of men, unfortunately.

For the most part, guys aren't going to just come out and admit they are wearing celebrities thong under their clothing. Most people would probably ridicule them because of the fear they have in trying anything that even remotely equates to free will. Because no one is going to admit they are wearing items like this in public, you need to ask them when it is just the two of you. But don’t ask them if they are wearing thongs on a regular basis. Instead, you should ask them what they think of mens swimwear in general, and slowly work towards thongs.

If the person you are talking to has no idea what swimwear options are available, then you can tell them to look through Koalaswim.com and see for themselves. That is a great way of getting them to see what you are wearing and allows them to sit in the privacy of their own home without anyone looking over their shoulder. They can check out the items and, if they like something, they can tell you about it when they are comfortable with the idea. Then, you can invite them to your own little party to have some fun.

If you just blatantly out them for wearing micro swimsuits in public, then you are probably not going to have any success in inviting them to your party. In fact, there is a very good chance that they are going to resent you for the rest of their lives and, if they were a good friend, they probably won't be afterwards.  You don’t want to alienate people because they enjoy wearing items that are a bit different from what traditions has forced us to accept. You wouldn’t like it if someone did that to you, so why would you do that to someone else?

Once you have enough people interested in wearing thong on a regular basis, then you can set up a time for your party so that everyone there can wear them and show off their bodies. You can even take it a bit further and make it into a fancy dress party where they have to dress up as the celebrity they think would wear that particular thong style and then strip down once everyone is there. These kinds of parties can be a great way of relieving stress and meeting new people, if you are lucky.

If you aren't quite ready to go for the whole micro bikinis party aspect, then you should be comfortable with wearing them around your home when no one is there. If you have a partner, you should allow them time to adjust to your decision of wearing a thong around the house. Of course, most people will not stop their partner from wearing a thong around the house because it's so damn sexy to look at. This is even true for those partners that don’t have the best looking body, but are loved regardless by their significant others.

If your partner has no idea what a micro spandex shorts is, then you need to have them sit down with you and browse through Koala to find out. There are some surprises around that you really don’t want to force on your partner for fear of what they might think or say, and this is definitely one of those surprises. It is always a safe bet to include your partner in a decision like this rather than to leave them out and walk out of a bathroom for the first time in thong that they aren't expecting to see you in.

You don’t have to purchase any micro swimwear that you aren't comfortable wearing. You are going to find quite a few options on the market that you probably aren't going to be comfortable trying on for the first time, and that is perfectly normal. Some of the more advanced options will require you to get used to wearing something a bit easier to put on first so that you can work up to them. But some guys love the challenge of wearing something too advanced for them and that is perfectly fine as well as long as you understand they are too advanced for you.

Whatever option of  thongs you choose to wear, you will soon find that you can't stop thinking about them. Just the thought of having them against your skin is going to make you want to go home immediately and put them on. This is why there are so many men that are wearing them every single day under their clothes. Even going as far as wearing them to work while they are sitting around in boring office meetings. There is just something about these thongs that will turn you into a guy looking for excitement every day.

Go to Koala and pick out your micro swimsuit or spandex fetish wear and see what kind of excitement you can get into while you have them on. They might feel a bit strange for the first couple of days if you aren't used to wearing things like this, but after that, they will feel like you have always worn them. Relish the comfort and excitement they offer you and look for new ways to enjoy them. Whether it's wearing them to work, heading out to the back yard to get a tan, or skydiving in them; experience everything you can while you are wearing them so that you can fully comprehend why thongs like this are so special.